why choose us

Effective communication

Our project managers fully understand the importance of seamless communication for the success of the project. Their working hours are shifted to cover most of the working day in Canada and the USA. They are very responsive and are willing to discuss project details with you to match your expectations 100%

Unlike many software development companies we do not disperse our efforts across all services. We specialize in web development. Our specialists are truly professional in what they do and can successfully develop the most sophisticated and challenging web projects

Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to quality and constantly work on improving it. We use the best industry standards in project management, development and testing.

Reasonable cost

We use advantages of our offshore locations. Our development center is in India to minimize costs.

Protection of your intellectual property

We have a strong copyright protection policy. We do not sell the source codes to 3rd parties. All works that we do for our clients are considered to be "work made for hire" and belong to our clients.

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