basic required
» ambition
» ability to make decisions independently
» ability to share experience with others
» ability to take responsibility
» capacity for quick learning
» creativity
» goal-oriented nature
» initiative
» self-education abilities
» teamwork abilities

At PAR Softwares we firmly believe that the major element of our strength lies in our human resource. We encourage our employees to strive to realize their optimum potential. Planning is done to determine the PAR Softwares' present and future needs. Development requires evaluating periodically the abilities and performance of individuals with a view to identifying managers showing promise of further development. The assessment is done in the form of Assessment Centers, 360 degree feedback and PMS (Performance Management System) against a competency model which has been drawn up for PAR Softwares. The development is fuelled by MDPs.
PAR Softwares pledges to provide all the opportunities to the deserving employees to realize their career aspirations. The growth can be vertical, horizontal or cross-functional depending upon the opportunities thrown up in course of business. However, PAR Softwares does not focus on time bound career progression through the grade system without change in the responsibilities of the individual in a major way.
So if you want to know more about us and our future plans. Mail to [email protected]

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